12. May 2021 | News

WIPO-AIPPI Joint Webinar on May 18 – How to Protect and Promote Traditional Cultural Expressions


Date: Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Time: 13:30 – 14:30 (CEST)

Traditional Cultural Expressions (TCEs) has attracted increasing attention, not only from governments, cultural institutions, indigenous peoples and local communities, but also from policy makers, international organizations like WIPO and international associations such as AIPPI, industry and intellectual property experts. It is a growing recognition of the cultural and economic value of TCEs, particularly when they are associated to Traditional Knowledge (TK). Experts have been discussing whether and how to protect TCEs, international lawmakers state that they should not be regarded as an end in themselves. Intellectual property regimes could provide, to some extent, a framework to protect TCEs. However, discussions at international level continue about IP issues arising from TCEs, particularly from the perspective of indigenous and local communities but also considering the impact that they could have on some industries.

The Intellectual Property and Genetic Resources, Traditional Cultural Expressions and Traditional Knowledge Committee (IP and GRTCETK) of AIPPI has been studying the Genetic Resources (GR) related to TK but considering the increasing importance of the TCEs and the complaints of indigenous communities in different jurisdictions about the use of TCEs, the IP and GRTCETK Committee continues to study GR/TK issues. The committee also concentrates on the analysis and discussion about TCEs associated to TK at the international level.

The Intergovernmental Committee on Intellectual Property and Genetic Resources, Traditional Knowledge and Folklore of WIPO advises governments, cultural institutions and traditional custodians on issues related to TK and GR, as well as on TK associated to TCEs and the linkage with intellectual property issues.

Due to the increasing importance and economic value of TCEs, WIPO and AIPPI have jointly organized this webinar to discuss how to protect and promote TCEs and how they are linked to intellectual property. An expert from WIPO will provide an overview of the key issues around the intellectual property protection of traditional cultural expressions as well as at the international level.

This is the first webinar of a series, and will explore TCEs and what they are, their relevance to Intellectual Property, how positive protection confers to TCE holders legal rights and if TCEs can be supported on copyrights, geographical indications and/or trademarks. This webinar will provide the necessary understanding for a follow-up webinar organized by the AIPPI IP and GRTCETK Committee on July 29, 2021, which will discuss “Cultural Appropriation and the Impact on Intellectual Property”. TCEs have an important role and their defensive and positive protection should be considered along with how to promote their authorized use or how it can affect some industries such as fashion, entertainment, tourism, etc.

The webinar will be moderated by Mr. Martin Michaus, Chair of the AIPPI Standing Committee IP and GRTK, and will be joined by Mr. Wend Wendland, Director of the Traditional Knowledge Division at WIPO and Mr. Ralph Nack, AIPPI Second Deputy Reporter General.

Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions. 


Ms. Daphné Zografos Johnsson

Senior Legal Officer, World Intellectual Property Organization – WIPO

Ms. Daphné Zografos Johnsson is a Senior Legal Officer in the Traditional Knowledge Division of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).  She has twenty years of experience researching and working in the area of intellectual property, traditional knowledge and traditional cultural experience. Daphne is now also the Head Tutor of WIPO’s Advanced Course on Intellectual Property, Traditional Knowledge and Traditional Cultural Experience.  Daphne is passionate about intellectual property and sustainable development. 




The webinar is open to all AIPPI members, who received the registration link by email. If you are an AIPPI member and did not receive the email for whatever reason, please contact events@aippi.org.