What has AIPPI achieved for the Benefit of Intellectual Property Owners and Users?

As of 2017, AIPPI has been “Shaping IP for 120 Years”. It is the oldest global association for the protection of intellectual property and has the respect and ear of governments and global organizations, such as the World Intellectual Property Organization and the World Trade Organization.

Some of AIPPI achievements include….

  • Promotion of Revisions of the Paris Conventions leading to enormous improvement in the protection of industrial property during the 20th century.
  • The establishment of the Trade Marks Law Treaty (which is the result of an AIPPI initiative).
  • The passing of Resolutions (such as the test for the Experimental Use exception in patent law) which are cited as authority on what the law should be in some jurisdictions.
  • Delegations of AIPPI are recognized as active participants in all major international and regional discussions on intellectual property law projects – viz. Patent Law Treaty, European Community Patent Convention, Directive of the European Union on Biotechnology, the Hague Agreement and the Madrid Protocol, to mention just a few.








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