Prices for AIPPI printed publications

Printed publications

AIPPI publications may be purchased (as long as copies remain on stock) through the General Secretariat.

All publications, except Group Reports, are published in the three languages English, French and German. Group Reports are mostly published in English with German and French summaries.

List of AIPPI publications

Sales Prices for:

AIPPI Yearbooks
(CHF 30-)

AIPPI Centennial Edition
“AIPPI and the Development of Industrial Property Protection 1897 – 1997″
“L’AIPPI et le Développement de la Propriété Industrielle 1897 – 1997″
“AIPPI und die Entwicklung des gewerblichen Rechtsschutzes 1897 -1997″
(CHF 60-)

AIPPI Chronicle and Resolutions since 1897 with update 1997
(in English only)
(CHF 90-)