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23. June 2020 | News

The History of the Client Attorney Privilege Project

AIPPI is pleased to present an online book focusing on the history in advancing the law on the protection of IP professional advice from forcible disclosure. This History, by AIPPI Member of Honour Michael Dowling, reveals and records AIPPI’s outstanding contributions (mainly but not only by Q199).

It starts from AIPPI’s Resolution Q163 in 2003 which was, in effect, that the protection from forcible disclosure of IP professional advice to clients of IP patent and trademarks attorneys, should be equal to the protection of their professional advice from patent and trademarks lawyers. The History traverses the substantial activities of AIPPI and WIPO from 2003 and it ends as at 31 December, 2019.

The History deals with what AIPPI did in effecting these advances including by the efforts of numerous members of AIPPI who have been involved in the Project. It describes the law involved, the events which occurred, the involvement of other IP NGOs with AIPPI, WIPO and governments, the decisions made by all the foregoing, and the outcomes of their efforts. It reflects the complexities of making changes in IP law, globally. The History, which is free for anyone to read online, comprises 150 pages and it has 140 Attachments, making for a very comprehensive documentation of the Project.

You can go directly to the History by clicking here or on the image below.


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