July Quiz

Welcome to our AIPPI July Quiz


Dear AIPPI members,

A new month, a new quiz to celebrate AIPPI's 125th anniversary together!

We hope you all had fun last month participating in our second quiz. Now it's time again to test your knowledge about AIPPI.

At the end of the five quizzes, the member with the highest cumulative score from all the quizzes will win a fantastic prize. The prize will be announced later this summer, so stay tuned.

July Quiz is open from 1 to 31 July. Please note that you are only allowed to take the July Quiz once.


Current leaderboard for the July Quiz

RankNamePoint Score
1Leonardo Maria Seri700
2Joshua Goldberg600
3Victor Garrido600
4Christian Riege600
5Jie Qin600
6Roberto Carapeto600
7Dunstan Barnes500
8Marty Wulferink500
9Sozos-Christos Theodoulou500
10Marc V Richards500


About AIPPI Quiz Series

2022 marks the year to celebrate AIPPI’s 125th anniversary. AIPPI is proud of its heritage, and at the same time eager on IP developments in the future.

To celebrate its 125th anniversary, on 13 May, AIPPI Belgium & AIPPI International hosted a one-day event combining a hybrid conference and a celebration evening in the heart of Brussels. The finale of the 125th anniversary celebrations will be the World Congress in San Francisco from September 10 to 13, 2022.

The months in between these two celebration events are full of new features, e.g. the webinar series “Scan the Globe” that will give a voice to our National Regional Groups to share current and new developments within their IP ecosystems, or the half-day online Young AIPPI Members Summit that will give our next generation members good exposure and networking opportunities.

But how good is your knowledge about AIPPI? Test yourself with several questions in the months May through September 2022 and you can win an exciting prize at the end.  A leaderboard shows you the current ranking of every quiz.

Let's get started