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8. October 2020 | News

Q&A session with Doron Davidson about the Young AIPPI Forum

How was it to lead the Young AIPPI Forum in London?
It was brilliant. I was humbled by the fact that so many of the Young Members turned up first thing on a Sunday morning to join me in exploring effective communication. As someone who enjoys a lazy weekend, I certainly didn’t take that for granted [laughs]. We had a really great session looking at simple and easy-to-access tools and techniques that enable better conversations in the professional and social settings. For me, as the facilitator, it was great that during the experiential segments of the morning, Young Members were enthusiastic about getting involved and trying things out. I also really enjoyed having the opportunity to get to know some of them afterwards during the networking lunch.


Although you were the teacher, what did you learn from the Young AIPPI Members?
Running the session as an interactive, two-way conversation as much as possible (rather than just me talking at people for a couple of hours), certainly allowed me to learn from the Young Members. Perhaps the most important thing I took away from our time together was linked to the fact that the Young Members joining the session came from all over the world and had an exciting array of backgrounds and experiences. I was reminded that what amounts to “effective communication” to a person from one cultural background should also be considered from the perspective of a person from a different cultural background. We each have our natural communication preferences and styles and, to an extent, they are shaped by those cultural backgrounds. So we need to be mindful of others’ experiences and have compassion for one another, taking (or indeed making) the time to consider why another person may have a different approach to us.


What can people expect at this year’s virtual Young AIPPI Forum?
For this year’s Congress, we are focusing on expanding networks in a virtual setting. Essentially, the effectiveness of your business development is only as good as the networks you build with other intellectual property practitioners. Our hour-long session will look at effective ways to network virtually as well as tools and tips to help Young Members expand their networks, as a way to make their business development easier.

The important thing to mention is that this won’t be like an ordinary webinar – the Young Members will be playing an important part in the session, so we’d love for them to have their cameras switched on, if possible, and to join the meeting using one device only, as this will enable us to send them to breakout rooms, which in itself creates a virtual networking opportunity.


When is it on?
BUILDING NETWORKS VIRTUALLY is open to all AIPPI Young Members and takes place via Zoom on Friday, October 9, 2020. The session will run twice to accommodate for the different time zones Young Members may be joining from.

The session times are:
• 10 am CEST (session facilitated by Alicia Sutton and myself), and at
• 4 pm CEST (session facilitated by Vanessa Coffey and myself)

Each of the two sessions will be opened 15 minutes before the start time so that Young Members have the opportunity to check that the tech is working for them. Once they’re set up, they can feel free to grab a drink and be back in their seat ready to start the session on time.

Doron Davidson


What happens if someone can’t join either session?
We will be sharing some useful materials with all Young Members after the sessions and these will be available from the Young Members area on the AIPPI website.


Can you tell us a little bit about your legal background?
I qualified and worked for several years as an entertainment, intellectual property and commercial lawyer in the UK and I have held roles both in private practice and in-house.


What inspired you to leave the relatively safe legal world to join the notoriously fickle entertainment industry?

From a young age I wanted to be an actor. A few years after qualifying as a lawyer I auditioned for drama schools not thinking much of my chances of getting in. But when I was subsequently offered a place at my preferred school, it seemed like too good an opportunity to miss. I’ve been very fortunate in having the ability to combine my two professional backgrounds in the work that I now do.


What kind of work do you do now?
Alongside my work as an actor, I am an executive trainer and facilitator and, together with my colleagues at Strevas, I provide personal communication training and consultancy to professionals around the world.


Thank you very much for this interview Doron. We are looking forward to the 2020 Young AIPPI Forum!