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Agris Bitans

Eversheds Sutherlands Bitans, Managing Partner (LV)


Agris is President of Latvian National Group of International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property since 2005 and recognised top tier IP practitioner in Eversheds Sutherland Bit?ns office.
With more than 20 years of legal experience, Agris is a widely acclaimed litigator in Latvia. His main focus on is civil and commercial litigation, civil liability including liability for non-pecuniary loss and intellectual property disputes.
Recommended as Tier 1 specialist in IP and Dispute Resolution by independent international directories Legal 500 and Chambers and Partners.

Agris Bit?ns graduated from the Faculty of Law at the University of Latvia with a Bachelor’s degree in law in 1993 and with a Master’s degree in law in 1995. As well as practising as an attorney-at-law, he continues his academic studies at the University of Latvia for a doctorate degree. He also lectures at the Civil Law Department, Faculty of Law, University of Latvia. His area of expertise is the law of obligations, with a focus on contract law and civil liability, tort law, intellectual property law and Roman law. He is a co-author of the commentaries on the Latvian Civil Code and co-author of the commentaries on Section 8 of the Latvian Constitution. He is the author of the book ‘Civil liability and its kinds’ (Civiltiesiska atbildiba un tas veidi) and of many articles relating to law issues. He is a member of the Latvian Bar, International Bar Association and AIPPI (International Association for the Protection of Industrial Property). From 2008 till 2014 Agris Bit?ns was the Council’s member of the Latvian Bar and since 2005 he has been the President of AIPPI Latvian National Group. Since his admittance to the Latvian Bar in 1998, he has been practising mostly in civil (contracts and tort), intellectual property, commercial and administrative matters. He is managing partner of the Law Firm ‘Eversheds Sutherland Bit?ns’. His fields of legal research include contract and tort law, personality law, medical law and media law. He is also a regular participant at international conferences and workshops dealing with intellectual property law, civil law, litigation and arbitration.
Independent comments
Group head Agris Bit?ns is a firm favourite with clients, who say he "always gets personally involved in our matters. He has a great attitude and a no-nonsense approach. He is one of the best litigators in Latvia.”