Panelist Profile


Shintaro Takahara

JPO, Director of Trial and Appeal Division (JP)


Shintaro TAKAHARA is currently Director of the Trial and Appeal Division, the Japan Patent Office (JPO).

He joined the JPO in 1990 and became a Patent Examiner in 1994. After fifteen years’ employment, he served as Administrative Patent Judge (2006-2007). Before taking up his present duties in July 2017, he lead a couple of examining units in the Patent Examination Department (Chemistry, Life Science and Material Science), including Polymer Division (2013) and Organic Chemistry Division (2016-2017).

Aside from examining operations, he engaged in international relations, when he acted as Director for Multilateral Policy Office (2008-2009) and Director, International Policy Division (2014-2015). Also, he was once seconded to the Cabinet Secretariat and served as Director at the Secretariat of Intellectual Property Strategy Headquarters (2010-2012).

He received a master’s degree in science from School of Science, the University of Tokyo in 1990.