Panelist Profile


Tomohiro Nakamura

Konishi & Nakamura , Managing Partner (JP)


Tomohiro (Tom) Nakamura is a managing partner at the Trademarks & Designs Team at the patent and law firm Konishi & Nakamura in Nagoya. He dedicated by himself as an in-house counsel at Intellectual Property Division of Toyota Motor Corporation by the end of 2000. He started his private practices in April 2001 and advise clients mainly matters of designs and trademarks in Japan and foreign countries. He is also contributing as a professor at the Graduate School of Kibi International University in Okayama, where he dedicates lecturing design and patent laws. He is proactive about social contributions in the field of intellectual property required by local governments and non-profitable IP groups. He is the Chair since 2015 for the Designs Committee of Japan Trademark Association (JTA).