Panelist Profile


Melissa Clarke

Courts and Tribunals, Senior Circuit Judge (UK)


Her Honour Judge Melissa Clarke is the Designated Civil Judge of Thames Valley, Beds and Herts, responsible for civil business in the 11 county courts and District Registries of that area. She also sits as a deputy High Court Judge in the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court and Patents Court and also in the Queen’s Bench Division.

Melissa’s background is as a City solicitor. She joined Linklaters in 1992 and qualified into the intellectual property department, with a particular focus on technology, media and telecoms. She became co-head of the internet and e-commerce practice before leaving in 2002 to join a client in a start-up telecoms software company, in which she took the management role of Vice-President of Business Affairs. After a successful exit by way of trade sale to BEA Inc. (now part of Oracle, Inc.), and a career break to focus on her four young children, Melissa embarked upon a judicial career. She was appointed a Deputy District Judge in 2008, District Judge in 2011, Recorder in 2012, deputy High Court Judge and Circuit Judge in 2015 and Senior Circuit Judge in 2017.