Panelist Profile


Elke Simon

Boehinger Ingelheim International GmbH, Head of Corporate Division Patents (DE)


  • University of Giessen from October 1981 – May 1986 (Biology with a focus on Biochemistry and Virology)
  • Diploma of University of Giessen in May 1986
  • Doctor Degree in Natural Science (focus: Cancer Research) in June 1989; Scholarship of the National Cancer Institute in Seattle, USA; Scholarship of ETH, Zürich, Switzerland, and cooperation with the University of Tokyo, Institute of Biochemistry during Ph D work
  • Post-doc from June 1989 – December 1989


Professional Education:

  • European Patent Attorney since 1995
  • German Patent and Trademark Attorney since 2001


Work History:

  • January 1990: Trainee at Patent and Trademark Attorneys Harmsen&Utescher, Hamburg
  • September 1990: Trainee in the Patent and Trademark Department Hoechst AG
  • September – December 1994: Lawfirm of Foley&Lardner (Washington) and Curtis, Morris&Safford (New York) to establish closer cooperation with Patent Department of Hoechst AG
  • 1995: Head of Patents and Licenses, AgrEvo Germany (Joint Venture of Hoechst AG and Schering AG); Offices in Frankfurt and partially in Potsdam to build up a further patent department
  • 1999-2000: Board Assistant
  • 2000: Head of Patents and Licenses, Aventis CropScience Germany (Joint Venture of AgrEvo and Rhone-Poulenc)
    • In parallel (1995-2000): Patent Team Member for Merger&Acquisitions of AgrEvo in the field of Biotechnology
  • 2001: Head of Patents and Licenses, Aventis CropScience;  Offices in Frankfurt and partially in Lyon
  • 2002: Head of Patents Bayer CropScience (Bayer acquired Aventis CropScience); Offices in Frankfurt and Leverkusen
  • 2005: Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH&Co KG, Head of Pharma IV
  • 2010: Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH, Head of Patent Strategies
  • Since July 2012 Global Head of Patents Boehringer Ingelheim