125 years of anecdotes


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AIPPI wouldn’t exist without the continued trust and involvement of our members. We are so proud of what we have achieved in the last 125 year. Looking back on the past 700 resolutions, congresses and experiences we had together, we ask all our members to share their best memories and anecdotes related to AIPPI. Pictures are not only welcomed. They are encouraged. 

Let’s celebrate this milestone together by reminiscing about the best times.

One response to “125 years of anecdotes”

  1. Jeffrey Gluck says:

    The 2016 World Congress in Milan turned out to be an adventure for me. The airline lost my luggage, which contained all of my business clothing, as well as other things essential to my trip, including medications (I had taken a two-day supply with me in my carry-on bag, but the rest was in my checked luggage). Prior to the World Congress, I was in Torino to visit a client, and while there, I was able to obtain most of my medications. But the airline still did not deliver my luggage while I was in Torino, so I traveled on to Milan. When my luggage still wasn’t delivered to my hotel in Milan, I ran out, found stores, and bought a suit, some shirts and ties, and socks and underwear. Unfortunately, I did not also have time to buy shoes, and the only shoes I had were my running shoes. In the end, the airline finally delivered my luggage on the third day of the World Congress. Meanwhile, I attended most of the World Congress, wearing a fashionable suit, while wearing running shoes.

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