The AIPPI China Copyright Forum (2019) in Beijing

by Xiaoxu Li, Rachel Ren (Beijing)

The 2019 AIPPI China Copyright Forum was successfully held in Beijing on December 7, 2019, with more than 200 attendees, including representatives of judiciary authorities, scholars, experts, business representatives from the internet industry and the entertainment industry, lawyers, members of AIPPI and students, focusing on hot and difficult issues in the field of copyright law. During the forum, deep discussions were entered into on such issues. The opening ceremony of the forum, moderated by Mr. (Richard) Yi Li, secretary-general of AIPPI China, officially commenced with speeches delivered by Mr. Lipu Tian, president of AIPPI China and Ms. Jingjing Liu , associate Dean of the School of Cultural Industries Management of Communication University of China.

Mr. Allen Wang, chairman of Copyright Committee of AIPPI China and managing partner of Beijing TA Law Firm, together with Ms. Yanrong Li, senior counsel of Beijing TA Law Firm, released the annual list of Top Ten Copyright Law Cases of AIPPI China in 2019. Then, Ms. Xiaoxia Zhang, chief judge of Trial Supervision Division of Beijing Intellectual Property Court, made corresponding comments on the cases.

This forum featured four themes: “Objects of Copyright Protection”, “Protection of Special Categories of Works”, “Copyright Protection in the Film & Television Industry and the Internet Industry (I)” and “Copyright Protection in the Film & Television Industry and the Internet Industry (II)”. Mr. Allen Wang wrapped up the Forum, and encouraged the participants to attend the AIPPI Congresses next year in Hangzhou.

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