The AIPPI China Copyright Forum (2016) in Beijing

by By Jun (Allen) Wang (Yingke Law Firm – China)

The AIPPI China Copyright Forum (2016) was held at the CUC International Convention Center in Beijing, China on December 11, 2016, with 150 domestic experts, scholars, lawyers and other legal professional participants in attendance, focusing on important and hot issues in the field of copyright.

Mr. Hao Ma, President of AIPPI, Duan Yuping, Deputy Director General of the Copyright Management Department of China National Copyright Administration, Song Yushui, Vice President of Beijing Intellectual Property Court, and Perry Yang, Vice President of AIPPI China, respectively delivered a speech, warmly congratulated the organisers on convening the forum, and wished the forum a complete success at the opening ceremony, which was moderated by Richard Yi Li, Secretary General of AIPPI China.

The forum released the annual (2015- 2016) list of Top 10 Cases in the copyright field in China with corresponding comments made by law experts. The main topics of the forum were “Copyright Protection: Difficulties and Solutions” , “Merchandising Rights: Judicial Protection Status and Legislative Proposals”, “Hot Issues in Intellectual Property Rights related to Film & TV Adaptation” and “Study on Damages for Copyright Infringement” and were discussed in depth.

Allen Wang, Chairman of the Copyright Committee of AIPPI China spoke highly of the efforts of the organizing committee, and contributed the success of the Forum to the moderators and speakers, as well as every participant.

Top 10 Cases in the Copyright Field in China:

1. Shenzhen Tencent Computer System Co. Ltd. v. Beijing Yilian Weida Technology Co. Ltd. , No.143[2016], Second Instance, Civil Division, BIPC (in Chinese)

2. Chen Zhe v. Yu Zheng et al. , No.1039 [2015], Second Instance, Civil Division, BHPC (in Chinese)

3. Shanghai Animation Film Studio v. Zhejiang Xinying Niandai Culture Communication Co., Ltd. et al. , No.730 [2015], Second Instance, Civil Division, SIPC (in Chinese)

4. Mu v. Beijing Chuangci Space Film and Television Culture Media Co., Ltd. et al. , No. 20815 [2015], First Instance, Civil Division, BHPC) (in Chinese)

5. Zhou Liying v. Wang Liyun, No. 117 [2015], First Instance, Civil Division, BIPC

6. Li Chengpeng v. Apple Inc. , No. 1295[2015], Retrial, Civil Petition,SPC(in Chinese)

7. Shanghai Zhuangyou Information Technology Co., Ltd. v. Guangzhou Shuoxing Information Technology Co., Ltd. et al. , No. 529 [2015], First Instance, Civil Division, SPPC (in Chinese)

8. Jiang Shengnan v. Wang Xiaoping,Dongyang Le Flower Film and TV Culture Co., Ltd. , No. 74 [2015], First Instance, Civil Division, WLPC

9. NASDAQ:SINA v. Beijing Tianying Jiuzhou Network Technology Co., Ltd. , No. 40334 [2014], First Instance, Civil Division, BCPC

10. Jin Yong v. Jiang Nan et al. , C-No. 12068 [2016], First Instance, Civil Division, GTPC

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