The 2019 AIPPI Trilateral Meeting in Zhuhai, China

by Richard Yi Li (Secretary General of AIPPI China)

The 17th AIPPI Trilateral Meeting was successfully held in Zhuhai, China on June 1, 2019, with more than 130 participants from the three countries. Mr. Tian Lipu, President of AIPPI China, Mr. Kenichi Nagasawa, President of AIPPI Japan, and Mr. Jehyun Kim, President of AIPPI Korea, welcomed the attendees together with Ms. Renata Righetti, President of AIPPI, Mr. Lu Pengqi, Vice Chairman of CCPIT, and Mr. Wang Qingli, deputy mayor of Zhuhai. Mr. Zhou Xiang, deputy Chief Judge of the Intellectual Property Court of the SPC was invited to give a keynote speech to introduce the newly founded IPC of the SPC. The three topics presented this year by the speakers from the three countries were: 1. Latest Developments on IP System in Each Country; 2. Patent Eligibility and Patentability of Artificial Intelligence related Inventions; and 3. Consumer Survey Evidence (Study Question of 2019 London Congress). Ms. Olga Sirakova, Secretary General of AIPPI greeted the participants with Mr. Chuanhong Long, vice President of AIPPI China at the Welcome Reception, Mr. John Osha, Reporter General of AIPPI wrapped up the meeting together with Ms. Heather Lin, vice President of AIPPI China, both moderated by (Richard) Yi Li, Secretary General of AIPPI China. Next year the Meeting will go to Korea in May.

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