Standing Committee reports

by Jonathan Osha (Reporter General of AIPPI)

The annual reports of AIPPI’s Standing Committees received by the Reporter General were made available to all attendees at the 2019 AIPPI World Congress in London. They are now also available here.  The Standing Committee meetings in London were held in a pre-scheduled block on Saturday afternoon, which led to record attendance for a number of the meetings and encouraged attendance by committee observers.  The Standing Committee meetings were followed by a well-attended reception for committee members and observers.

Read about the activities and impact of our Standing Committees in the year leading up to the London Congress, and their plans for the year ahead. If you are interested in joining a Standing Committee please approach your National or Regional Group (or Delegate, if you are an Independent Member).

We note that all AIPPI members now have the opportunity to select observer status of any Standing Committee. While observers do not have voting status in the Standing Committee, observer status provides a new and useful means to follow the work of the Standing Committees and to get involved in certain aspects of the work.  To select observer status, log into the AIPPI website, select “my dashboard” from the top right of the page, select “manage committees”, and then tick the box for the committee or committees that you wish to observe. We hope that observer status will serve to further facilitate engagement and communication across the AIPPI membership internationally.