Major Changes in Turkish Trademark Law

by Abdurrahim Ayaz (Istanbul Patent A.S. - Turkey)

A new Trademark Law has gone into effect in Turkey as of January 10, 2017 replacing the existing Turkish Trademark Law. The previous law was “Decree Law No. 556 for the Protection of Trademarks” (hereinafter “Previous Law”), which was replaced by the new law called “Industrial Property Law – Law no. 6769” (hereinafter “New Law”).

The New Law covers Trademark Law as well as Patent Law, Industrial Property Law, Geographic Indication Law which used to be regulated by separate Decree Laws before the New Law went into effect.

Although the New Law went into effect on 10 January 2017, the Previous Law will continue to be in effect in relation to trademark applications filed before 10 January 2017. Trademark applications which were filed on or after 10 January 2017 will be processed within the frame of the New Law.

The New Law is available in Turkish at

Please click the link for Major changes in Trademark Law in a chart, in comparison with the previous law.