London Congress – Resolutions adopted

by Jonathan Osha (Reporter General of AIPPI)

Five Resolutions were adopted by the Executive Committee of AIPPI at the 2019 AIPPI World Congress in London. Four of these were on the basis of AIPPI’s 2019 Study Questions:

• Copyright in artificially generated works
• IP damages for acts other than sales
• Plausibility
• Consumer survey evidence

An additional Resolution was prepared by AIPPI’s Standing Committee on Client Attorney Privilege:

• Draft proposal for a multilateral agreement on client attorney privilege

The texts of the adopted Resolutions are available on our website here.

The Resolutions will be disseminated to all relevant authorities and bodies. AIPPI’s National and Regional Groups are also encouraged to disseminate the Resolutions to their relevant ministries, IP offices and other relevant national and/or regional bodies. This provides a good engagement opportunity to promote the 2019 Resolutions and AIPPI’s work more generally.

These Resolutions (and AIPPI’s previous Resolutions) will be deployed by AIPPI where relevant to any consultations, submissions or in any other context in which it is appropriate for AIPPI to express an opinion, such as filing briefs amicus curiae.