China: The 2016 AIPPI Trilateral Meeting in Xining

by Richard Yi Li (Secretary General of AIPPI China)

The 14th AIPPI Trilateral Meeting was successfully held in Lijiang, China on July 16, 2016, which attracted about 100 participants from China, Japan and Korea. Mr. Tian Lipu, President of AIPPI China, welcomed the speakers and attendees with Kenichi Nagasawa, President of AIPPI Japan, Seong-ki Kim, President of AIPPI Korea, and Felipe Claro, President of AIPPI. Mr. Liu Xiaojun, presiding Judge of IP Tribunal of Beijing Higher People’s Court and Mr. Ji Dengbo from SIPO were invited to give keynote speeches on “New Trends in China’s Patent Judicial Practice” and “Introduction of the 4th Amendment to the Patent Law”. The three topics selected for this year’s Trilateral meeting were: 1. Latest Development on IP System in Each Country; 2. Abuse of Rights (abuse of a dominant position) Allowed by a SEP; and 3. Requirements of Protection of Designs (Question of 2016 Milan Congress).

Each topic was presented by the speakers from the three Groups respectively.

Hao Ma, vice President of AIPPI wrapped up the meeting together with Laurent Thibon, Secretary General of AIPPI.

Next year the Meeting will go to Korea in June.

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