2019 AIPPI China Youth IP Seminar

by Rebecca Zhao, (AIPPI Chinese Group)

2019 AIPPI China Youth IP Seminar was held successfully in Beijing on July 12-13, 2019, attracting nearly 100 participants nationwide including members and non-members. Judge ZHAN Jingkang, Judge LIU Yang, Judge MA Xiurong, Judge TANG Lini from the IP Court of the Supreme People’s Court of China were invited to give speeches and share their professional insights.

This seminar featured 8 English Sessions and 5 Japanese Sessions covering many hot topics in various IP fields, including patents, trademarks, and copyrights:

  • Patent Layout in the New Information Age
  • Latest legislation of patent law relating to drugs & practice of drug patent examination
  • Biotech hotspots
  • Forthcoming amendment to the Chinese Patent Law and its Impact
  • Effects on China’s Accession to the Hague Agreement
  • High Quality Drafting of Patent Applications
  • New E-Commerce Act and IP Enforcement on Internet Platforms
  • 実用新案制度における日中比較
    (Comparison of utility model systems between China and Japan)
  • 専利審査早期化の手段
    (Means for accelerating patent examination)
  • 中日における商標悪意出願食止めの対策の差異
    (Similarities and differences in striking against malicious trademark applications in China and Japan)
  • 技術常識濫用の対応策
    (Tactics in responding to Rejection based on Common knowledge)
  • 化学分野の特許審査について
    (Patent examination in the field of chemistry)

Mr. TIAN Lipu, the president of AIPPI China, delivered the welcome speech at the opening. He shared with the audience his recollections of the early time when China started to build its own IP system, and the purpose of introducing this seminar for providing a platform for young practitioners where they can improve their presentation skills in English, and build confidence on stage.

Mr. Chuanhong Long, vice president of AIPPI China, took the opportunity at the closing to introduce the history of AIPPI and the upcoming AIPPI Congresses in London and Hangzhou. Mr. Long encouraged all participants to involve themselves more in AIPPI events both in China and abroad.