AIPPI Editorial Policy and Guidelines

Are you interested in writing something for AIPPI? We are happy to consider suitable pieces that meet our guidelines.

The AIPPI Editorial Policy and Guidelines below apply to all contributions submitted for publication online. Contributors should endeavor to comply.


Who can publish?

  • Only articles submitted by AIPPI members will be considered for publication. Articles specifically requested by AIPPI Committees, National and Regional Groups, or Independent Member Delegates from non-members will also be considered.

What kind of contributions are accepted?

  • Contributions may take the form of articles or notes on legal developments or legal issues, including discussions of recent court cases or legislative measures, expected to be relevant to AIPPI members.
  • Contributions may also be in the form of news items or reports from National or Regional Groups, reflecting group activities, interaction with Governments, collaborative initiatives, international meetings like AIPPI World Congresses etc.
  • Where contributions report on or refer to otherwise unpublished statements made or positions taken by other persons, groups or organisations, the author must ascertain that such persons, groups or organisations have no objection to being so quoted.
  • An article or other contribution should be accompanied by a short introduction/résumé of about 100 words. The introduction/résumé will appear on the front page of the e-News edition, with a hyperlink to the main contribution.
  • Contributors should indicate their name, firm, city and country. This information will appear with the contribution in a standard format.
  • Contributions which have not previously been published elsewhere are preferred. However, where a contribution which has already been published is submitted for publication online, contributors are required to submit an appropriate copyright clearance or consent.
  • Where contributions comprise an excerpt or portion of a more comprehensive publication (e.g. a book, published by the author), a reference to the entire publication may be included at the end of the full online article.

What is the review process?

  • It is critically important that all articles and contributions published online are accurate. Therefore, before any draft article or contribution is submitted to AIPPI for publication, the National Group Reporter (NGR) for the relevant National or Regional Group should confirm that it is legally and factually correct; in the case of any material written by NGRs themselves or by someone in the same firm, the legal and factual accuracy of that material should be confirmed by the President of the relevant National or Regional Group (assuming he or she is in a different firm) or by a Council member of that National Group who has been nominated by the President for that purpose. Links to National and Regional Group leadership here. Contributions from AIPPI members in a country without a National or Regional Group may be submitted by email to
  • Advertisements or other promotional material relating to private initiatives or services or publications of members, with the exception of a reference accompanying an excerpt as contemplated in the preceding Guideline, will not qualify for publication.
  • Preferably, contributions should follow the house style for e-News (e.g. with no or few footnotes). Contributions should be submitted as a text file (e.g. Microsoft Word, not pdf files).
  • There may be a waiting period before publication. The Editorial Team reserves the right to select or reject contributions for publication on the basis of their potential interest to members, and to expedite publication where this is felt necessary.
  • Where AIPPI online carries the first publication, there will be no objection against subsequent publication in another journal, provided the first publication by AIPPI is acknowledged.
  • Reproducing of contributions (for example on national AIPPI websites) is allowed. However, we request that you add that it was “First published in the AIPPI Newsletter” and provide a link to the relevant newsletter.

I still have questions. What can I do?

Any queries related to AIPPI online publications should be sent to AIPPI Publications.