More engagement with the IP community

Goal 5

AIPPI intends to adopt more popular and efficient formats and approaches in disseminating information and materials in order to increase and modernise our online presence.  For example, a more active use of social media, also on a more rapid basis to enable AIPPI to lead with “rapid reaction” messaging on developing topics (the recent TRIPs waiver paper and communication around that being a good example).

It is a reality now that conventional ways of distributing information are not enough.  Twitter feeds, social media-distributed content and other electronic formats may well be the most popular and most well-followed content.  This is therefore where AIPPI needs to be as well.

The electronic distribution of content will also assist with educating the public about IP, innovations and cultural development so as to extend AIPPI’s influence outside of its membership and even outside the sphere of IP stakeholders.  There is, of course, a natural limit on AIPPI’s influence outside the IP field but there is also, conversely, plenty of room for AIPPI to comment more e.g. with links to press organisations who may be  looking for input from time to time on IP on news items which have an IP aspect to them.

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