Michael Edenborough, Serle Court (UK)

Michael Edenborough, Serle Court (UK)

Moderator in Panel Session XI – Copyright/Trademark – Speaking freely about parody

Tuesday, September 20, 2016 from 11.00 to 12.30


Michael’s practice centres on appellate advocacy and advice concerning the validity, revocation or cancellation of registered intellectual property rights such as trade marks, registered designs and patents. In addition, he commonly deals with such issues as infringement, subsistence and ownership of those registered rights and the related unregistered IPRs such as copyright, design right and passing-off at first instance and on appeal. He is also instructed on matters relating to  plant varieties, moral rights, database rights, Geographical Indications, data protection and Freedom of Information issues relating to IPRs.

He appears regularly before the General Court of the European Union, Luxembourg on appeals from the EUIPO, and on Article 267 references and appeals to the Court of Justice (over 40 cases in all). He has also  acted before both the legal and technical Boards of Appeal and the Opposition Division of the European Patent Office.