Young AIPPI Members

  • AIPPI Young Members Forum, Cancun, 2018.

Introduction by Annie Tsoi, AIPPI Bureau Member.

AIPPI strongly encourages young members to participate in the work of the Association. Young Members are defined as those who are aged 36 or below, and they benefit from a reduced fee in relation to membership fees, the registration fee for the AIPPI World Congress and eligibility to join the Young AIPPI Forum (YAF).

The YAF was first launched in 2017 during the Sydney Congress. It took place at a night club at Sydney harbour where an interactive session was conducted on networking in a multicultural environment. The aim of the session was to prepare our younger members to take advantage of the AIPPI World Congress to meet other members from all over the world. The YAF initiatives continued in Cancun and London where we dived into some of the issues which relate to building a personal brand and effective communication. The YAF also provide a special space for Young Members to network with their peers, share experience and to build closer relationship with other members in their age group. Young Members can also approach anyone from a group of selected ‘Mentors’ at the AIPPI World Congress with any questions they have related to the AIPPI World Congress or the Association.

The YAF will no longer be limited to an annual event during the Congress. Stay tuned for more news on upcoming events!

Not a member? Applicants under the age of 36 pay just 50% of the regular membership fee!

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Young AIPPI Forum 2021 – The Resilient Professional

14:00-16:00 CEST on October 12, 2021.

The Resilient Professional is an interactive virtual seminar that will address some of the challenges faced by young AIPPI members when balancing the demands and expectations of their work environments with their own circumstances and personal aspirations.

Set against the background of the pandemic and the so-called new normal, the session will offer participants practical tools to address these challenges and enhance their resilience when undertaking this balancing act.

As with previous YAF sessions, participants will also have an invaluable chance to meet other young members and make new connections through the networking opportunity of facilitated smaller group activities and discussions during the seminar.

This year, each registered participant can bring a colleague from the same organization who is 36 years old or younger as a special guest to join the Young AIPPI Forum for free.

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Best of the Young AIPPI Forum 2020

At the 2020 AIPPI World Congress Online, AIPPI joined up with Strevas, a collective of lawyers-turned-actors who now specialise in personal communication training, to bring Young AIPPI Members a special online interactive seminar focusing on BUILDING NETWORKS VIRTUALLY.

The effectiveness of your business development is directly linked to the networks you build within the IP world and this hour-long session looked at tools and tips to help you expand your networks, as a way to make your business development easier and more effective.

BUILDING NETWORKS VIRTUALLY was open to all AIPPI Young Members. The session was run twice to accommodate for the different time zones Young Members may be joining from.

View the short “Best of” video to get a taste of what happened.