Francesca Giovannini, Osha Liang (FR)

Francesca Giovannini, Osha Liang (FR)

Speaker in Panel Session Brexit– Implications for IP

Sunday, September 18, 2016 from 08.30 to 09.30

Francesca Giovannini

Francesca Giovannini is European and Italian patent attorney with a chemical engineering background. She has been working in IP for more than 15 years in Italy, Germany and France, both in private practice and in-house. Her practice at the Paris office of Osha Liang and in her previous positions includes European and foreign patent prosecution and European patent litigation, mainly in the fields of materials science, chemical and mechanical engineering.

She still hopes that the UPC will start and proceed with the UK as a participating country. It would be a way of putting into practice, within the IP world, the visionary ideals of Altiero Spinelli and Ernesto Rossi who, while exiled on the island of Ventotene in 1941, wrote “Towards a free and united Europe” on strips of cigarette paper which were then stuffed inside a chicken to hide it from the guards’ inspection and transferred to the continent.