Extending reach of AIPPI during and after the pandemic

Goal 1

When many have been isolated and opportunities for a collegiate exchange of views have been extremely limited, keeping members in touch during the pandemic has never been more important.  To this end, AIPPI has offered attendance to the 2020 Online Annual Congress (exceptionally) as well as a number of webinars at no cost to members.  Post-pandemic, there is no reason to not continue with targeted webinars when warranted, e.g. on:

  • Internationally significant hot topics and updates on developments
  • Thought-provoking presentations designed to initiate discussion in national and regional groups on different areas of IP law

A key advantage of these webinars is that they enable members to reach a global audience, much greater than that enabled by webinars and meetings organised by national and regional groups.

It goes without saying that AIPPI is focussed on returning to in-person Annual Congresses as soon as that is possible (especially when, during the pandemic, members have in many cases been overloaded with webinar-based content). However, occasional webinars every now and then provide a complementary addition by allowing members to stay in touch on an international level between Annual Congresses.

AIPPI is also considering various other forms of online meetings, to better allow members to stay in touch in between Annual Congresses.