Standing Committee

The effectiveness of regional systems for granting Intellectual Property Rights

L’ efficacité des systèmes régionaux pour octroyer des droits de Propriété Intellectuelle

Die Wirksamkeit regionaler Systeme zur Erteilung von Rechten des Geistigen Eigentums

Q179 Status: Dissolved
  • Main Task:

    To study existing regional systems for granting Intellectual Property Rights, like the European Patent Convention, the Community Trademark Regulation, the Euro-Asian etc.

    To analyse the effectiveness of these systems

    To make proposals for impr

  • Monitoring:

    To monitor developments of general interest in the field.

  • Advise Bureau:

    Advise the Bureau in writing on all activities of the Committee

    As well as to advise the Bureau on all issues meriting further study

  • Documentation:

    Collect and provide the Bureau with all documents of general interest on the subject

  • Reporting:

    To provide:
    – Annually 2 months before each international Meeting an account of activities since the last such Meeting
    – Within 1 month a written Report on all Meetings attended
    – Immediately Reports on matters of special interest in the field

  • Chairman: pending
  • Co-Chairman: pending
  • Secretary: pending
  • Member: pending
  • Deputy Reporter General: Jochen BüHLING