Standing Committee

International Conventions: Dispute settlement procedures

Conventions Internationales: Procédures de règlement de litiges

Internationale Abkommen: Verfahren zur Regelung von Streitigkeiten

Q103 Status: Dissolved
  • Main Task:

    To monitor and advise on the WIPO project of an International Convention concerning dispute settlement procedures.
    To formulate, and with the approval of the Bureau to submit and represent AIPPI´s standpoint at WIPO Meetings.

  • Monitoring:

    To monitor in addition:
    – developments of general interest in the field

  • Advise Bureau:

    To advise on:
    – developments in the field rendering intervention of AIPPI desirable
    – issues meriting further study
    – instruction to AIPPI Representatives at GO Meetings
    – possibilities of cooperation with other NGOs

  • Documentation:

    Collect and provide the Bureau with:
    – documents of general interest on the subject (the Bureau receives WIPO documents directly)

  • Reporting:

    To provide (in addition to point “Monitoring”):
    – annually 2 months before each international Meeting an account of activities since the last such Meeting (incl. negative Report)
    – within 1 month a written Report on all GO Meetings attended
    – immediately Reports on matters of special interest in the field

  • Special Instructions:

    The Chairman of the Committee shall inform Committee Officers, and in the case of Special Committees the Committee Members, of relevant Committee activities and shall seek, if possible, their advise and cooperation in formulating the Committees views.
    Except as otherwise agreed all Reports, Minutes and other documentation are to be submitted to the General Secretariat.

  • Chairman: Alberto BERCOVITZ (Spain)
  • Co-Chairman: Luiz LEONARDOS (Brazil)
  • Member: Hans Peter KUNZ-HALLSTEIN (Germany)
  • Secretary: - vacant -
  • Member: Tom Arnold (USA)
  • Member: Larry W. Evans (USA)