Study Committee

Contracts regarding Intellectual Property Rights (assignments and licenses) and third parties

Les contrats relatifs au droit de propriété intellectuelle (transferts et licences) et les tiers

Verträge über Schutzrechte des geistigen Eigentums (Übertragung und Lizenzen) und dritte Parteien

Q190 Status: Dissolved Meeting:
  • Main Task:

    To prepare a Draft Resolution to be presented at the Meeting of the Executive Committee to be held at the Congress in Gothenburg in October 2006.

  • Co-Chairmen: David GILSON (South Africa)
  • Co-Chairmen: Eiichiro KUBOTA (Japan)
  • Secretary: Jonas WESTERBERG (Sweden)
  • Chairman: Severin de Wit (The Netherlands)
  • Deputy Reporter General: Ian KARET