Study Committee

Acquiescence (tolerance) to infringement of Intellectual Property Rights

L'acceptation (tolérance) de l'atteinte au droit de propriété intellectuelle

Duldung (Tolerierung) der Verletzung geistiger Eigentumsrechte

Q192 Status: Dissolved Meeting:
  • Main Task:

    To prepare a Draft Resolution to be presented at the Meeting of the Executive Committee to be held at the Congress in Gothenburg in October 2006.

  • Chairman: Klaus HAFT (Germany)
  • Co-Chairmen: Ari LAAKKONEN (United Kingdom)
  • Co-Chairmen: Rogelio C. NICANDRO (Philippines)
  • Secretary: Carles PRAT MASIP (Spain)
  • Assistant to the Reporter General: Dariusz SZLEPER