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Standing Committee

Digital Economy

Amicus Briefs

IP Office Practice & Procedures

Trade Secrets


Commercialisation of IP

Unitary Patent / Unified Patent Court

Geographical Indications






Piracy and Counterfeiting


Development and Intellectual Property

Standards and Patents

In-house counsel

IP and Green Technology

Protection of designs and models in the EC

The Lisbon Conference – The Conference of Nice

Prolongation of terms of all kinds expiring on a holiday

By what means may the tendency of the countries be countered to deviate from the rules of reciprocity by the implementation of special rules for patent applications? (originally in French)

Integral application of the provisions of the Paris Convention (originally in French)Application int├ęgrale des dispositions de la Convention de Paris

Appellations of origin

Should a definition of trade marks be introduced into the Convention?

Termination of rights of registered trade marks owing to non-use

Application of the Convention to colonies, possessions, etc., and to states acuiring their independence (originally in French)

Restrictions of the rights of the patentee for reasons of public interest

Protection against the importation of products the process of manufacture of which is patented in the importing country

Rearrangement of the text of the International Convention for the protection of industrial property

Competence of arbitrators and enforcement of their awards in matters of contracts relating to industrial property

International Arrangement for the protection of appellations of origin and their international registration

Arrangement of Madrid for the prevention of false indications of origin on goods

Cancellation of the registration of a trade mark at any time upon proof of abandon

Definition of the grounds on which the rights of the patentee could be restricted

Study on the unification of the right of trade marks

Scope of patents for processes, machines and apparatus


Harmonization of national laws in the field of industrial property

Protection of indications of source and appellations of origin

Study of protection granted to trade names; possible modification of Article 8 of the Paris Convention (originally in French)


The protection of trade names in the Paris Convention. Is it necessary to further specify the scope of Article 8? (originally in French)

Is it necessary to introduce into the Paris Convention special provisions on the law applicable to patent disputes in case of a conflict of law? (originally in French)

New applications for chemical products in the agriculture

Competence of tribunals in industrial property matters and enforcement at defendant’s domicile of judgements rendered in the country of the protection

Annuities for patents

Model law for developing countries on inventions

The administrative structure of international cooperation in the field of intellectual property

The inventors’ certificate

Protection of the commercial name

The inventions of employees

Reasons for which the rights of the patentee can be restricted

The problem of exhibitions

Incidence on industrial property rights of national or international provisions guaranteeing free competition

Interpretation of Article 5 A of the Paris Convention

Method and preparations of a study on the unification of laws on patents for inventions

International protection of works of applied art, designs and models

Temporary protection at expositions

Translation of the mark

Licensing of trade marks

Interdiction of the suppression or the limitation of the right to a trade mark after a certain duration of use

Trade marks or names with extended protection

Applicant’s prior application as prior art

Protection of integrated circuits

Protection of computer programmes – Protection of computer-software

Protection of industrial property in the field of microbiology

Deferred examination of patent applications

European system for the grant of patents

Influence of laws on restraint of trade or transfer of technology on know-how agreements

The know-how – Definition – Legal regime

Possible revision of the Madrid Agreement concerning the international registration of trade marks

Application of the International Convention for the protection of new varieties of plants of 1961

Reorganization of the IAPIP

Improvement on an international scale of patent examination

Application of Articles 2 and 15 of the Paris Convention

Effects of the territoriality of trade mark rights in case of unauthorized importation of products

Rearrangement of the text of the International Convention for the protection of intellectual property

Legal and economic significance of design protection

Protection of collective and certification marks

Assessment of damages for patent infringements

Impact of use on the maintenance and renewal of a trade mark registration

Sufficient description of the invention

Economic significance, functions and purpose of the trademark

Revision of the Paris Convention

The European trade mark

Protection of the environment

Protection of inventions jointly made by nationals of different countries

Incidence of force majeure on time limits in the field of industrial property

Appellations of origin, indications of source and geographical indications

Protection of scientific discoveries

Interpretation of patent claims

The international trade mark with supranational effect

Measures against counterfeiting of branded goods

Community Trademark

Selection inventions

Legal and economic significance of protection by utility models

Patent protection for biotechnological inventions

Protection for groups of chemical substances and selection inventions

Trademarks and consumer protection

Change of patent claims after issue

The dependent patent

Misleading and unfair advertising (Television without frontiers)

Relevance of copyright law to industrial products / Copyright and industrial products

Prior disclosure and prior use of the invention by the inventor

Comparative advertising

Obtaining of evidence of the infringement of industrial property rights

Patentability under the European Patent Convention

The influence of the international dateline

Harmonisation of patent law formalities

Prior use


Drafting of patent claims

Requirements and time deadlines for filing patent applications

Harmonisation of certain Provisions of the Legal Systems for Protecting Inventions

International registration of marks (Madrid Protocol)

Community Patent

Dependent patents and their exploitation

What may constitute a registrable trademark?

Non confusing use of another’s trademark


Biotechnology (Relationship between patent protection and biotechnological inventions and plant variety protection; Patentability of animal breedings

Harmonisation of substantive provisions of Trademark Law

Harmonization of formal requirements for trademark applications, registrations and amendments thereof

Absolute grounds of refusal of registration of trademarks

Protection of service marks

Use requirements for the acquisition and the maintenance of registered trademarks

Harmonisation of Trademark Law

Conflict of industrial property right and other laws


Improvement of international protection of designs and models

House marks

Arbitration of intellectual property disputes between private parties

Experimental use as a defence to a claim of patent infringement

Trademarks: Conflicts with prior rights

International Conventions: Dispute settlement procedures

Effects of patent or trademark invalidity on license agreements

Parallel import of patented products

Protection of unregistered but well-known trademarks (Art. 6bis Paris Convention) and protection of highly renown trademarks

Participation of third parties in the patent granting and amendment procedures

Early publication and provisional protection of patent applications

Harmonisation of the existing utility model protection systems (including EU)

Introduction of new and harmonization of the existing utility model protection systems

Trademark licensing and franchising

Effective protection against unfair competition under Article 10bis Paris Convention of 1883


National legislation advisory committee

Restoration of patent rights

Reorganization of working methods of IAPIP

Copyright (coordination with ALAI)

Methods and principles of novelty evaluation in patent law

Copyright protection in particular of industrial achievements

Centennial of AIPPI

Customs seizure and other measures against counterfeiting

Difficulties encountered in the acquisition and exercise of industrial property rights (in foreign countries)

Restoration of patents and patent application rights which have lapsed because of post filing defaults in meeting time limits

Geographical Indications (Dissolved)

The utility model protection system as an alternative to be patent protection system

Patenting of computer software

Information Technology and Internet

Patent term extension (Comparison of different concepts)

Legal aspects of merchandizing

Comparison of cost for patent application, granting procedure and enforcement

Confidentiality, disclosure and publication of data in information networks.

The future of the Patent System in Europe

Revision of the European Patent Convention (EPC)


Hague Conference on Private International Law

Substantive Patent Law Treaty

IP and genetic resources / traditional knowledge

Agreement on a European Patent Court

The Use of Trademarks and other Signs on the Internet

Attorney – Client Privilege and the Patent and/or Trademark Attorneys Profession

Community Patent Regulation

Content and relevance of industrial applicability and/or utility as requirements for patentability

The effectiveness of regional systems for granting Intellectual Property Rights

Scope of Patent Protection

Substantive Trademark Law Harmonisation

Implementing Regulations for the amended EPC

Enforcement of IP Rights

Free Trade Agreements

Client Attorney Privilege

Value of industrial property for technical development and economic progress in developing countries

The role of trade marks, trade names and geographical indications

The role of patents and know-how in the transfer of technology and in stimulating indigenous technology

Study Committee

No committees.