• Main Task:

    To review the various Meetings and make recommendations on how to improve the organisation and planning of these Meetings.

    To review the Guidelines including a list of minimum requirements for acceptance of an invitation from a National Group.

    Based on the Guidelines, to study requests and preliminary invitations from National Groups and recommend the Secretary General whether to accept or reject such invitations.

    To review manuals to help the Organising Committee of an AIPPI Meeting.

    To investigate whether dates of a planned Meeting do not clash with religious holidays, major GO/NGO Meetings or other AIPPI International and National Meetings.

  • Advise Bureau:

    To advise on:
    – rules and regulations concerning international Meetings and Symposia
    – the establishment of a calendar of international Meetings and Symposia in cooperation with other NGO’s
    – possibilities of cooperation with other NGOs regarding Meetings

  • Reporting:

    To provide 2 months before each International AIPPI Meeting and 1 month before each Bureau Meeting an account of activities since the last such Meeting (incl. negative Report).

    Each Committee Meeting should be followed by a written Report (Minutes of the Meeting) to the Secretary General.

  • Special Instructions:

    Except as otherwise agreed all Reports, Minutes and other documentation are to be submitted to the General Secretariat.