• Main Task:

    Reviewing the nature of publications.

    To decide on publications to be produced, their form and their periodicity.

    To make recommendations on how to reduce printing and mailing costs.

    To liaise with Committee Q 152, once established, concerning the translation issue.

    To study different ways of advertising and marketing of publications.

  • Advise Bureau:

    To advise the Bureau on how to improve the standard of publications.

    To submit recommendations on how future AIPPI Publications should be published (incl. Internet).

  • Reporting:

    To provide 2 months before each International AIPPI Meeting and 1 month before each Bureau Meeting an account of activities since the last such Meeting (incl. negative Report).

    Each Committee Meeting should be followed by a written Report (Minutes of the Meeting) to the Secretary General.

  • Special Instructions:

    Except as otherwise agreed all Reports, Minutes and other documentation are to be submitted to the General Secretariat.