Broadening the range of discussion

Goal 2

A benefit of AIPPI has always been that its Annual Congresses bring members together, at which they can informally share and exchange views on not only developments in the law, but also on IP practice management, the impact of technology, prosecution platforms, etc. During the pandemic there was no option but to provide opportunities for these discussions virtually, e.g. at certain virtual round tables at the 2020 Online Congress. It is envisaged that occasional online discussions to provide training and information sessions on current practice management could continue post-pandemic. This could include, e.g.:

  • Changes brought about by COVID 19, and how IP practice may adapt to the new challenges
  • Changes brought about by technology, how IP practices may adapt and if suitable embrace automation e.g., social listening, global prosecution platforms etc.

The continuation of such discussion appears a worthwhile endeavour because it allows the members of the association to stay more closely in touch, also in between Annual Congresses.

A number of issues, e.g. social listening, involve the consideration of ethical issues which AIPPI will be ready to comment on provided that a sufficient consensus of views is achieved within the association. Similarly, automated global prosecution platforms involve consideration of concerns about whether rights to represent clients before IPOs have been circumvented, and whether automated systems can be said to comply with such requirements. These are all facets of modern IP practice which AIPPI cannot shy away from, and to assist with the development of a consensus on these topics, online discussions (and discussions during Annual Congresses) will be a valuable tool.

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