E-News No.47

E-News No.47

AIPPI Symposium 2016, Helsinki-Stockholm,  April 21-23, 2016

by Esa Korkeamäki, Kim Finnilä, Panu Siitonen (Finnish AIPPI Group)

The AIPPI Symposium 2016 had an intensive in-depth focus on NPEs and New Businesses in IP as well as Valuation of IP from an accounting, technology transfer and European court perspective, including the future Unified Patent Court in Europe. Additionally, the participants could enjoy an Asian-Nordic view on Global IP Strategy from an Automotive Perspective.

The topical themes with a wealth of 15 speakers from 7 countries, covering Asia, Europe and USA succeeded in drawing participants from 15 countries from around the globe, e.g. Brazil, China, Europe, India and USA, for the two working days held in Stockholm and Helsinki.

The organisers wish to express their sincere thank you to all speakers and participants who “made the day” and also courageously took the cruise from Stockholm to Helsinki in the early Nordic spring!