AIPPI Resolutions

Founded in 1897, AIPPI has adopted many Resolutions. Its annual commitment to a scientifically strict resolution process—using the expertise of about 9,000 IP professionals from very diverse geographical and cultural backgrounds as well as different legal traditions to advance the cause of IP rights for everyone—makes the association unique.

Behind every adopted Resolution is a complex process and a lot of work. This page will help you to understand the underlying processes and the current Resolutions.

At the 2021 AIPPI World Congress Online, four Resolutions were adopted. You can read the full text of each one by clicking on the respective link below.

Please note that all AIPPI Resolutions, as well as thousands of other IP-related documents, can also be accessed in the AIPPI library.


2021 Resolutions

Inventiveness and sufficiency of disclosure in AI inventions

Trade Marks
Registrability of trade marks against public order or morality

Industrial designs and the role of prior art

Reasonable awareness in compensation for infringement of IP rights

2021-22 Study Questions

At the 2021 AIPPI World Congress Online, the Reporter General team introduced the Study Questions selected by AIPPI’s Executive Committee for consideration during the 2022 AIPPI World Congress.

The 2021-2022 Study Questions are:

• Patents: Patentability of Diagnostic Methods
• Trademarks: Trademarks and the internet and social media
• Copyright: Moral rights
• General: Protection of trade secrets during litigation and other proceedings

AIPPI Resolutions video

10 minutes long

John Osha, AIPPI Reporter General from 2018 – 2020, explains the processes behind the AIPPI Resolutions which are the centerpiece of the annual AIPPI World Congress. In their long history, AIPPI Resolutions have impacted on Intellectual Property law throughout the globe.

Learn about how the Study Questions are chosen each year, and how they are worked on by different groups to become draft Resolutions to be voted on at the AIPPI World Congress.

Protocol for Development of a Resolution Derived from a Study Question