A refresh of AIPPI’s presentation to its members and to others

Goal 6

There will be a continued focus on updating and upgrading the overall image of AIPPI, e.g. via:

  • A members directory (accessible to members and non-members, and including only those members who wish their details to be published)
  • The encouragement, facilitation and – when appropriate – sponsorship of innovations and cultural development, especially in lesser privileged countries and areas
  • Further improve AIPPI’s representation at WIPO, WTO, IP5, EPO, EUIPO, etc. on a substantive level to improve dissemination of AIPPI Resolutions and positions
  • Further improve AIPPI’s coverage of issues important to the IP professions on every level, including in response to the changing technological landscape, and to ensure that AIPPI is at the forefront of advocating issues relevant to the IP professions

The General Secretariat, and in particular the Communication and Marketing manager, will be encouraged to develop and lead new marketing campaigns together with appropriate involvement from the Bureau and the Communications Committee.

Further related topics: