Spring Cycle during the AIPPI Congress in Sydney

Darling Drive will be closed from the northern end at Murray Street from 04:00am – 11:00am. Event cyclists will be travelling southbound on Darling Drive between approximately 06:45am & 09:00am. Darling Drive and The ICC can be accessed by vehicles at any time from the southern end either at Pier Street or Ultimo Road.

Pedestrian access should be unaffected by the road closures. All footpaths will remain open and event cyclists will not be using the shared path that runs parallel to Darling Drive. The only messaging I would recommend for pedestrian access is that pedestrians are encouraged to cross Darling Drive at the pedestrian lights next to the Convention and Exhibition Centre Light Rail Stops. There will be 10,000+ cyclists in the event and making an attempt at a quick dash across the road could be risky.

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