The 2017 AIPPI China Youth IP Spring Seminar

by (Richard) Yi Li (Secretary General of AIPPI China)

The 2017 AIPPI China Youth IP Spring Seminar was held in Zhangjiakou, a city 250 km north of Beijing and a venue for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games, on March 17-18, 2017 with traditional sessions in English as before, and sessions in Japanese for the first time.

Mr. TIAN Lipu, the president of the Group, together with Mr. Chuanhong Long and Mrs. Heather Lin, two vice-presidents of the Group, attended the meeting. The president welcomed all attendees who travelled for three hours to Zhangjiakou from Beijing, some of them even from as far as Shanghai and Guangzhou. Vice-president Chuanhong Long was pleased that most of the moderators and speakers of this Seminar were new faces, and wished the participants another successful seminar. The English topics of the 2017 Spring Seminar were: Invention Patents on Electrical & Electronics, Value of Patents in Business, Injunctive Relief in IP Litigation, Examination on Inventive Step, Damages for Patent Infringement, Supplementary Experimental Data, Chem, Bio & Pharma, and Copyright. Topics in Japanese were Design Protection in the Two Countries and Comparison of Non-obviousness Examination Practice between China and Japan.