Tehemtan Nasserwanji DARUWALLA † August 13, 2013

Tehemtan Nasserwanji DARUWALLA † August 13, 2013

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Tehemtan Nasserwanji DARUWALLA
Award of Merit

† August 13, 2013

“Speak slowly, Speak clearly………..” These words were often uttered by Mr. Tehemtan Nasserwanji Daruwalla (fondly called TND by his chamber). Born on 2nd February 1934 in Lahore, he was one of the four sons of an English School Teacher Mr. Nasserwanji Daruwalla. Along with his brothers he was initiated into English Literature, Drama, and Elocution. He married his “Jaan”, Ms. Bharucha, who was also a qualified lawyer and came to be known as Mrs. Aloo T. Daruwalla, his partner in real life and also in his firm.

His love for Cricket endured throughout his life. He continued to be the opening batsman for every team he played. Mr. Daruwalla completed his education with an L.L.B. graduation from the Government Law College, Mumbai. He went on to become a Solicitor in 1960 and opted to practice the then lesser known field of Trade Mark and Patent Law, a path that was less trodden, but one where he has left a very big mark.

He had appeared and pleaded in most of the important IP matters. He was involved in giving his inputs and comments for various IP legislations that were enacted by our country.

In 1976 he began teaching the L.L.M. course for Intellectual Property at the Mumbai University. He also taught Law at the Government Law College from 1979 to 1992, where he mostly taught Drafting and Pleading amongst other subjects. He was no ordinary professor, students from all over always flocked to his class to learn and benefit from his teaching. As a teacher and mentor he had phenomenal wisdom and experience, which he always shared with his students and young lawyers. He gave them sound guidance, direction and advice. He was a good friend during their difficult and struggling times.

In 1974 Mr. Daruwalla became a partner in the law firm Jehangir Gulabbhai & Bilimoria, later known as Jehangir Gulabbhai & Bilimoria & Daruwalla (JGBD). His chamber was a mix of the stalwarts, some who have weathered decades with him and some who came for short internships, stints, articles for solicitors and those that left to pursue their own careers in IP. His heart always broke every time a good lawyer or assistant left but he was always there for them, ready to offer words of wisdom and sound advice.

Mr. Daruwalla handled thousands of IP law related cases spanning a period of over more than half a century. He practiced as a qualified Advocate, Solicitor, Registered Patent and Trade Mark Agent specializing in all types of IP laws. Prominent companies and individuals turned to Mr. Daruwalla for their IP matters in India. His drafting skills in IP remain unmatched. His arguments in court were very articulate and persuasive, always tinged with some humour and wit, always citing relevant case laws, all of which he knew by heart.

He was an avid reader who also read and spoke Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati and Urdu. He was well versed about Spiritual Philosophy of Zarathushtra & Zoroastrianism and also about Omar Khayam and his famous Rubaiyat and did discuss the essence of these works, meaning and philosophy with his juniors.

Mr. Daruwalla was invited to address several international IP forums in various countries such as Australia, Italy, Sweden and China amongst others. He was the name from India that all International IP lawyers had heard of or seen or had met. He was one of the Co-Founders of the AIPPI Indian Group who later also became the President of the AIPPI INDIAN GROUP. So consuming was his passion for IP Law, that in 1999, along with a dedicated band of IP Practitioners he formed Intellectual Property Law Practitioners Association (IPLPA) a national body for IP lawyers and practitioners in India. He was the founder President and the present Chairman of this organisation.

In 2005, he received the Life Achievement award given jointly by AIPPI INDIAN GROUP and IPLPA. He was one of the strongest supporters for organizing and managing the International AIPPI Exco and Forum in Hyderabad in October, 2011.

He was currently the Honorary Solicitor for the Parsee General Hospital and a Trustee for Zoroastrian Building Fund.

In all completeness, Mr. Daruwalla lived life on his own terms. He never professed to be a saint or an angel; he worked very hard, lived and enjoyed his life. He often hummed a jolly tune whilst working. He lent his voice to the Choir as a tenor. He played the guitar and often remembered his old departed friends with whom he shared good times professionally or otherwise. He and his wife frequented N.C.P.A. to watch the Operas, Orchestras and Ballets being performed there. He had a great love for good whiskey, and remained true to his name. His daily meals were meagre but he definitely looked forward to eating steak, bacon, eggs & sausages and of course fried fish!

Throughout his professional life, he lived and worked in Mumbai and drove himself to work, even till his very last day. He always insisted on carrying his briefs, papers and bag to work or to court.

Mr. T. N. Daruwalla passed away on the 13th of August 2013. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Aloo T. Daruwalla, Advocate & Partner, Jehangir Gulabbhai & Bilimoria & Daruwalla, his brother Mr. Keki N. Daruwalla, a renowned poet and retired Addl. Director of the Research & Analysis Wing (RAW)