Robert HARLÉ † May 16, 2002

Robert HARLÉ † May 16, 2002

Publication Type: Date: 2002
Harle Obituary forRobert Harle
Member of Honour

† May 16, 2002

Robert Harle passed away on the 16th May 2002 at Neuilly/Seine in his eighty-seventh year.

He graduated in 1941 from the Ecole Centrale des Arts et Manufactures.

He was called up in 1940 and experienced the dramatic beginning of the war, until he was evacuated from Dunkirk and crossed to England.

He was decorated with the Croix de Guerre.

Having been demobilised in France, he immediately embarked upon his career of Industrial Property attorney in the office, founded in 1819, of which his father Frédéric HARLE was the senior partner.

Robert HARLE will wok in this office, located at the time at 21 rue de la Rochefoucauld, Paris 9ème, for more that 50 years. Every field pertaining to industrial property retains his interest: patents, trademarks, designs, both national and international.

He swiftly becomes one of the leading French International Property Consulting Engineers – as they were then known – and he is appointed President of their Compagnie in 1968. During this time of political and social unrest in France, and with the assistance of the Belgian colleagues, he perfectly organises the delivery of surface mail, the only way at the time which permitted to continue professional affairs.

He becomes a members of the Industrial Property High Counsel, a consulting organisation constituted by the most eminent specialists in the field.

In 1982 he becomes a Knight of the National Order of Merit.

The English language was virtually his mother tongue and his competence rapidly made him known to the international circles of industrial property. From 1950, he contributes to the organisation of the AIPPI congress in Paris. He adheres to several specialised associations, both French and international, in particular the AIPPI and the FICPI, later on the Union of the European Representatives. He is also a foreign member of the Chartered Institute of Patent Agents (GB).

As a member of the FICPI, he creates or maintains friendly and loyal relations with colleagues worldwide.

He becomes heavily involved in AIPPI activities, participating in both technical and administrative working committees (for example, concerning the organisation of the International Association).

From 1970 to 1978 he is appointed President of the French National Group of AIPPI, which entails his participation in all Association’s meetings, particularly dear to his heart. Thanks to Robert HARLE, who positioned, created and directed all works pertaining to appellations of origin, regulations now internationally applied were set up.

He takes part in all studies in connection with the Community trademark as well as the Protocol of the Madrid Arrangement, and he represents the AIPPI at WIPO meetings and at diplomatic conferences.

The fine balance of his opinion, his wisdom and his dedication lead to his appointment as member of honour of the AIPPI in 1982.

But Robert HARLE was nor only an excellent Industrial Property attorney. He also showed great human qualities.

He was unfailingly honest and showed complete intellectual fairness. He was deeply attached to the observance of professional rules between fellow attorneys. He was elected by his colleagues to sit on European disciplinary committees.

His generosity was shown with discretion toward old school fellows fallen on hard times or, more officially, with the Neuilly/Seine branch of the Red Cross and charitable works organised by the Lion’s Club, of which he was Governor.

A t a very young age, he shown great courage during the war, then later, in the face of ordeals he encountered; the untimely death in 1985 of his wife Jacqueline, of whom he was deeply fond, and several surgical operations. At each obstacle, Robert HARLE showed an admirable strength of character.

His courtesy was legendary, the hallmark of an impeccable education, whatever the circumstances or the social standing of the people he dealt with. Over and above his knowledge in a wide range of the subjects connected to his professional life, one discovered his erudition and his culture in numerous other fields, such as history or music.

All who have met Robert HARLE remember an “honest, upright man” in the true sense of the words, distinguished and esteemed.