Paul MATHÉLY † October 15, 2001

Paul MATHÉLY † October 15, 2001

Publication Type: Date: 2001
Mathely Obituary forPaul Mathély
President of Honour

† October 15, 2001

The last homage paid by the AIPPI to its Honorary President, Paul MATHELY, took place at the Executive Committee in Vienna on April 22, 1997.

When the President of the Association, Peter SIEMSEN, gave to the Honorary President of the AIPPI, Paul MATHELY, the book published at the time of the centennial of the Association, all the participants at this ceremony rose to applaud, in unanimous homage, the one who for forty years symbolised the Association. This spontaneous recognition of the importance of Paul MATHELY for AIPPI crowned its efforts and the memory which he has left to all the members.

Paul MATHELY became member of AIPPI in the Thirties.

Also, he attended the last Congress before the war, which took place in Prague in 1938.

Since the renaissance of the AIPPI, he took an active role in its work. He was appointed Deputy Reporter General of the AIPPI in 1952, at the time of the Vienna Congress. And, from the Brussels Congress of 1954 until the Buenos Aires Congress in 1980, he was Reporter General of the AIPPI.

All those who heard and saw him performing his tasks will remember the clearness of his reasoning, the perfect construction of his speeches and the relevance of his argumentation. He has been a role model for all the speakers in AIPPI debates.

But his role was not limited to the organisation of debates on the questions studied by AIPPI.

He not only inspired the text of the resolutions adopted by the AIPPI, but moreover, he represented AIPPI at various conferences and international meetings by explaining the position of the AIPPI in a decisive way.

It was he who contributed to the final drafting of Article 4.A of the Paris Convention when he represented AIPPI at the Lisbon Diplomatic Conference in 1958.

It was he who allowed the adoption, at the time of the Berlin Congress, of the resolution on the conditions of patentability of inventions which was used as a basis for the harmonisation of material rules in patent law that were finally completed in the TRIPS Agreement.

It was also Paul MATHELY who took part as the AIPPI representative at the various meetings of Experts held in the Seventies under the authority of WIPO when the world system of the organisation of the protection of Industrial Property was challenged for the first time by developing countries.

Last but not least, it was also he who represented AIPPI at the Munich Diplomatic Conference, which established the European patent.

Each time, his participation was translated specifically in the adopted texts.

He thus completed the work of AIPPI by incorporating its resolutions into the substantive law.

The last act of the work of Paul MATHELY for AIPPI was the organisation and direction of the Paris Congress in 1983.

It was he who wanted this Congress to celebrate the centennial of the Paris Convention, and it was he who conceived it and directed it.

The Paris Congress remained in the memory of its participants as a great festival in honour of our Association, as pointed out in the first AIPPI Newsletter by Michael DOWLING, Executive President of AIPPI for the Melbourne Congress.

Until the end of his days, Paul MATHELY was highly interested in the activities of the Association.

A few months before the Melbourne Congress, a delegation of the team of AIPPI Reporters consisting of Geoffroy GAULTIER, Teartse SCHAPER, Luis-Alfonso DURAN and Dariusz SZLEPER paid him a visit. PAUL MATHELY welcomed them all very cordially.

Even the last reforms of AIPPI did not leave him indifferent.

He explained, in a letter addressed to the AIPPI Bureau some time before the Melbourne Congress, his opposition to the renaming of the Association, recalling that AIPPI is the child of the Paris Convention which gave a complete definition of Industrial Property. And therefore he considered that, under these conditions, AIPPI’s name should always remain attached to Industrial Property .

Paul MATHELY passed away on October 15th, 2001. His body rests in the Montparnasse cemetery in Paris. His death sealed the change of an era in the life of our Association.