Mikhail GORODISSKY † September 29, 2002

Mikhail GORODISSKY † September 29, 2002

Publication Type: Date: 2002
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Dr. Mikhail Gorodissky
Former President of the Russian National Group

† September 29, 2002

It is with great sorrow that we have to inform of the unexpected death of Dr. Mikhail L. Gorodissky, the founder and ex-President of IP Law firm “Gorodissky & Partners”.

The whole life of Dr. Gorodissky was dedicated to intellectual property. He was rightfully considered as “Patriarch of patents and licensing” in this country. Mikhail was a mentor for hundreds of IP lawyers and attorneys of Russia and CIS countries. His deeds in this area can hardly be overestimated. The joining of the Soviet Union to the main international IP conventions and agreements (Paris Convention, PCT, Madrid Agreement etc.), creation of Russian institute of patent attorneys and new IP laws in this country – these are his merits. He published nearly two hundred works in Russia and abroad. His book “Licenses in Foreign Trade of the USSR” of 1972 is still a bible for Russian patent attorneys and licensing consultants. Dr. Gorodissky held a great respect among IP community in this country and abroad.

For many years Dr. Gorodissky was a President of the Soviet (then Russian) National Group of AIPPI, a member of AIPPI Executive Committee, a member of INTA, LESI, AIPLA, arbiter of the International Commercial Arbitration at the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

During 35 years Dr. Gorodissky headed of patent department of the USSR (Russian) Chamber of Commerce and Industry. In 1998 he became a President of IP Law firm “Gorodissky and Partners” and until his very last days played a vital role in it.

No less than a good professional he was a remarkable human, as reflected in his optimism and joy for living. He was a legend of IP history in Russia. For us he was a founder, a mentor and a true friend, one of brightest individuals we ever knew.

Mikhal L. Gorodissky will be sorely missed by all of us.

Russian National Group of AIPPI