Michael COHN † January 30, 2011

Michael COHN † January 30, 2011

Publication Type: Date: 2011
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Member of Honour

† January 30, 2011

Michael was the son of the firm’s founder, Dr. Reinhold Cohn who also was a Member of Honour of AIPPI, and the grandson of Oscar Cohn who was an activist social-democrat that served as a member of the German Reichstag before the First World War and between the Wars. Born in Germany in 1926 Michael emigrated to then Palestine with his parents in 1934, the year when the patent attorneys firm of Reinhold Cohn and partners was founded. He completed his PhD. degree (Chemistry) at the University of Zurich and joined the firm in 1954.

Michael was at the helm of the firm Reinhold Cohn and Partners for about 40 years until he retired in 2000, and his contribution to the firm and to the field of IP in general was immense. Michael greatly contributed to and played an important role in the development of the field of Industrial Property in Israel, being directly involved in many of the reforms and participating in the of special legislative committees in this field. The central role he played in educating and nurturing generations of skilled patent attorney and in shaping the IP scene in Israel supplements his many other professional achievements.

Michael served as President of the Israel group of AIPPI between 1974 and 1995, and was deeply involved in the international activities of the AIPPI. Michael further served as an ad-hoc representative of the State of Israel at several international conventions in the field of Intellectual Property. As a Patent attorney, he was intimately involved in the development and growth of the Israeli innovative industry and assisted foreign companies in protecting their intellectual property Israel. Beside his passion to his profession, Michael was also a gifted and well-read man – a man of fine culture and impressive general knowledge in many fields, including history, literature, music and more.

His loss leaves an irreparable void in the lives of all his loved ones and also all those who were privileged to make his acquaintance, in Israel and elsewhere. Michael will forever be remembered with great love and respect.