Luigi SORDELLI † April 17, 2001

Luigi SORDELLI † April 17, 2001

Publication Type: Date: 2001
Sordelli Obituary for

Luigi Sordelli
Member of Honour

† April 17, 2001

Professor Luigi Sordelli, President of the Italian Group of AIPPI from 1972 to 1993, died on April 17, 2001. He was born on May 21, 1920, and received his legal education at the University of Milan where he graduated in the year 1946. He practised in Milan as a lawyer since 1947.

He started his academic activity practising as a voluntary assistant at the chair of industrial property law at the Economy Faculty of the Milan University L. Bocconi, in the years 1951-1955. In the year 1955 he was appointed “libero docente“ in Industrial property law. He served the chair of intellectual property law at the Milan University L. Bocconi and at the Siena University. Since the year 1979 he served as full professor of commercial law at law faculty of Siena University and then since 1985 at Padua University, where in 1998 he was granted the title of “Professore Emerito“. In the years 1987-2000 he also served at the University of Innsbruck which bestowed him the title of “Honorarprofessor“.

He was the author of many studies on copyright law, industrial property law, unfair competition law, and advertising law, such as: “L‘opera dell‘ingegno“ 1954, “La concorrenza sleale“, 1955, “La creazione dell‘opera cinematografica“, 1962, “Problemi giuridici della pubblicità commerciale“, 1968, “Marchio e secondary meaning“, 1979, “Provvedimenti cautelari nel diritto industriale, nel diritto d‘autore e nella concorrenza“, 1998. He contributed to law reviews, with more that one hundred articles, essays, and notes. He wrote also for Encicopledia del diritto, Novissimo Digesto ltaliano, and Enciclopedia Giuridica.

He was rnernber of a large number of international associations for study of commercial and intellectual property law. Many times he was a member of the Italian governrnent delegation for the international conventions concerning intellectual and industrial property law.

The Italian group of AIPPI misses him, but will remember Professor Sordelli and all his achievements.