Joseph A. DeGRANDI † July 17, 1999

Joseph A. DeGRANDI † July 17, 1999

Publication Type: Date: 1999
joe_degrandi Obituary forJoseph A. DeGRANDI
Treasurer General† July 17, 1999

Joe DeGrandi had been in office as Treasurer General of AIPPI for 10 years. His sudden passing is a sad blow to AIPPI but particularly so for his colleagues in the Bureau who had worked closely with him over many years.

He brought to AIPPI profound knowledge of intellectual property law and practice in the United States of America. He was qualified both in science and law.

He served in numerous roles relating to intellectual property in the USA over his life. Most notably from the point of view of AIPPI, he was an advisor to the US Delegation at the Second Diplomatic Conference on the Revision of the Paris Convention in Nairobi in 1981, and he was subsequently Advisor to the US Delegation at the Diplomatic Conference for the Treaty of Harmonisation of Patent Laws in The Hague in 1991.

Within the USA, he was for many years part of the Executive of the American Intellectual Property Law Association, rising to be its President from 1987 to 1988. As well, he served as Chairman of the Intellectual Property Committee of the American Bar Association.

In some ways in contrast with his many achievements in relating to intellectual property law, Joe DeGrandi was a very modest person. In AIPPI, and particularly in the Bureau, he exerted his influence by gentle persuasion. He was a master of tact and diplomacy.

The Treasury function of AIPPI has become increasingly demanding as AIPPI has grown to have more than 8’000 members. During Joe DeGrandi’s long stewardship, together with the Secretaries General of his time, he developed that function substantially towards the goal of having truly efficient, accurate and timely financial records and reporting.

In the important social activities of AIPPI, the DeGrandi’s together, Joe and his wife Yolanda, excelled in supporting members and their accompanying persons from all around the world. They made such occasions enjoyable for all those with whom they came into contact.

AIPPI is grateful to Joe for his outstanding contributions to its well-being. For these contributions and for his unique style of getting things done in AIPPI, we shall never forget him.

J Michael Dowling