Hoda Serageldine † March 18, 2014

Hoda Serageldine † March 18, 2014

Publication Type: Date: 2014
HodaSerageldine Obituary for
Hoda Serageldine
Member of Honor
† March 18, 2014

AIPPI and the Egyptian National Group lost an esteemed member with the passing of Mrs. Hoda Serageldine on March 18, 2014 in Cairo, Egypt.

Mrs. Hoda Serageldine established and became a partner and manager of the Arab Office for the Protection of Industrial Property in 1983. She was also a founding member of the Egyptian Group of AIPPI in 1991 and was President of the Group from 1995 to 2014. She joined AIPPI in 1987 within the Arab Regional Group (APPIMAF) prior to the founding of the Egypt Group. She was elected a Member of Honor of AIPPI and holder of the AIPPI award of merit.

Hoda holds a Bachelor of Arts & Literature since 1963, where she was teacher at Cairo University and Beirut Arab-University before becoming a fully registered patent attorney and establishing a joint-venture partnership with Saba & Co in Egypt in 1983. During her academic years, Mrs. Serageldine received many awards from the Egyptian Government and the French Government bestowed on her the rank of Chevalier dans l’Ordre des Palmes Academiques.

Mrs. Serageldine has participated in numerous local and regional seminars as speaker or chairman. In October 1997, she organized with great success the first AIPPI Symposium in Cairo to promote full awareness and better implementation of IPR’s in the Arab World. She represented the Egyptian Group of AIPPI in many AIPPI meetings since the Tokyo Congress in 1992.

Hoda actively and enthusiastically participated in the political debates of her country for the last 30 years.

In the course of her distinguished career, she participated in the cultural and social activities in her country as an elected board member of the Cairo Yacht Club for three terms since 1989 and Deputy President since 1997, a member of the Motor Vehicles Club, Alexandria Social Club.

Mrs. Serageldine was married to the late Sami Touqan and had two sons and was an active member of her husband’s business as a shareholder and part of its management team.

Hoda will be missed but her work and efforts in strengthening the Egyptian Group of AIPPI and her role in AIPPI will not be forgotten.