Bureau Advisory Committee

Translations Committee

Commission des traductions


Q152 Status: Dissolved
  • Main Task:

    To prepare a protocol for and the Working Methods of translations in AIPPI.
    To provide translations for all AIPPI publications.

  • Advise Bureau:

    To advise the Bureau on potential new candidates willing to translate, free of cost, AIPPI documentation.

  • Reporting:

    Each Committee Meeting should be followed by a written Report (Minutes of the Meeting) to the Bureau.

  • Special Instructions:

    Except as otherwise agreed all Reports, Minutes and other documentation are to be submitted to the General Secretariat:

    Fabienne Martin
    AIPPI General Secretariat
    Tödistrasse 16
    CH-8027 Zurich
    Tel.(41-1) 280 58 80
    FAX (41-1) 280 58 85

  • Chairman: Peter PAWLOY (Austria)
  • Bureau Link: Laurent THIBON (France)
  • Member: Simon BECK (United Kingdom)
  • Member: Hans-Friedrich CZEKAY (Switzerland)
  • Member: France CôTé (Canada)
  • Member: Jan D'HAEMER (Switzerland)
  • Member: Sabine FEHRINGER (Austria)
  • Member: Serge FLECIJN (Belgium)
  • Member: Michael FLEUCHAUS (Germany)
  • Member: Matthias GOTTSCHALK (Switzerland)
  • Member: Harald NEMEC (Austria)
  • Member: Peter PAWLOY (Austria)
  • Member: Johann PITZ (Germany)
  • Member: Sascha SALOMONOWITZ (Austria)
  • Member: Michel SOFIA (Canada)
  • Member: Dominique Keasmacher (BE)
  • Member: Thomas Kretschmer (CH)