Standing Committee

The Use of Trademarks and other Signs on the Internet

L'usage des Marques et d'autres Signes sur L'Internet

Die Benutzung von Marken und anderen Zeichen im Internet

Q164 Status: Dissolved Meeting:
  • Main Task:

    To survey the progress of work by WIPO on this subject.
    To report to AIPPI about the results of the WIPO discussions.
    To invite AIPPI to express its opinions on the positions adopted by WIPO.
    To inform AIPPI about any other relevant event concerning the Study of this questions.

  • Chairman: Annette KUR (Germany)
  • Secretary: Ida E. GJESSING (Norway)
  • Member: Nicola DAGG (United Kingdom)
  • Member: Clark LACKERT (United States of America)
  • Member: Lamberto LIUZZO (Italy)
  • Co-Chairman: Michael Wolnizer (Australia)
  • Member: Francisco Capetillo Traeger (Italy)
  • Member: Adrian