Study Committee

The effectiveness of border measures after TRIPS

L'efficacité des mesures douanières après l'accord TRIPS

Wirksamkeit von Zollmasnahmen nach TRIPS

Q147 Status: Dissolved Meeting:
  • Main Task:

    To establish to which degree the Members of TRIPS are living up to their obligations under Section 4 of Part III: “Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights of TRIPS”, and to establish to which extent further measures than prescribed by that part of TRIPS are deemed desirable.

  • Monitoring:

    Any future developments in that context.

  • Advise to the Bureau:

    On all actions to be taken by AIPPI in the above context, after a Resolution will have adopted by the EXCO in Sorrento, April 2000, including initiatives of the Bureau to contact WTO.

  • Documentation:

    Provide the Bureau with pertinent documents to be obtained from:
    – Groups as to developments in their countries or regions;
    – WTO;
    – European Commissions
    any other useful source.

  • Reporting:

    On all further activities of the Committee.

  • Special Instructions:

    Liaise with the Committee of Q 94 GATT/WTO (Chairman: Martin J. Lutz).
    Except as otherwise agreed all Reports, Minutes and other documentation are to be submitted to the General Secretariat.

  • Co-Chairman: Stuart SMITH (Australia)
  • Secretary: Tamás BOKOR (Hungary)
  • Member: Sergio M. ELLMANN (Argentina)
  • Member: Jack GOLDSTEIN (United States of America)
  • Member: Young-wook HA (Republic of Korea)
  • Chairman: Elisabeth Ponsolle des Portes (France)